Towards Sustainable Development

MHIPL has taken several steps to reduce its carbon footprint and use the natural resources in an efficient manner so that the coming generations is not devoid of them. So MHIPL has taken initiatives in following ways.

Towards Sustainablitiy1

MHIPL extensively uses Alternative Fuel so as to reduce the use of fossil non-renewable fuel.

40% of the cement produced is of the blended type. This increases the life of the limestone mines, which are limited as well as reduces the carbon dioxide emissions in the world.

Towards Sustainablitiy2

Towards Sustainablitiy3

Efficient use of Water: The water collected in the pits formed due to mining activities is efficiently used for the domestic usages by the plant colonies and for gardening.

Chennai flood CSR


Maha Cement’s CSR wing Helping Hands responded to the unpredicted calamity caused by Chennai Flood: Floods in Chennai affected the lives their very badly, making it the worst disaster of 2015. On Tuesday, December 1st 2015, the dry and stagnant Adayar river that runs under the secondary runway of the Chennai International Airport overflowed its banks and water spilled all over the tarmac and aprons. This was in addition to the torrential rain that submerged one of India’s biggest cities and left many thousands helpless. Essentials such as drinking water, food and medicines were in short supply.

Responding to the unpredicted calamity caused in Chennai, Maha Cement took an initiative through its CSR wing “Helping Hand”. As an immediate relief to the affected people, Bed sheets, Mats, Mosquito nets / Coils, Biscuits and water packets were distributed. In association with Yashoda Hospitals, Maha Cement conducted free health camps in different parts of Chennai. Doctors, along with two ambulances travelled to various parts of Chennai to provide health services and free medicines were distribution to the needy