Customer Service

Our commitment to quality is founded on the deep understanding of customer needs. Our customer service policy which aims to put the customer first in all aspects of our business pursues maximization of customer satisfaction. To implement this policy our customer service teams spread across all the markets constantly look for new ideas to ensure our customers are delighted. Our technical team, which is unparalleled in the industry, aims to provide professional advice on all aspects of cement and concrete technology.

A. Technical Workshops/Seminars

MHIPL conducts technical meetings and training sessions for the people in the construction industry regularly. Some of the programs conducted are:

  • Awareness programs to masons on good construction practices.
  • Technical meetings on modern concrete technology and use of blended cement for sustainable development for engineers, architects, consultants, etc.
  • Meetings with wholesalers and retailers to educate them about new trends in cement.

B. Meetings with Individual House Builders

  • Meetings with IHBs are conducted to create awareness about good construction practices
  • Awareness programmes about building practices are conducted in rural areas.

C. Maha Mobile Concrete testing Services

  • In select markets, we are providing concrete testing services through Mobile Concrete laboratory. A mobile van equipped with basic concrete testing facilities visits the site of the customer on call. We provide following tests on concrete free of cost:
  1. Concrete workability tests
  2. Concrete strength tests
  3. Advise on correct proportion of mixes
  4. Non Destructive Testing of concrete using rebound hammer.
  • Technical personnel of MHIPL conduct site supervision during important concrete works for customers.

D. Cover Blocks

Cover blocks are small pieces of concrete placed between shutter and steel bars so that sufficient thickness of concrete cover is ensured around the steel reinforcement to protect it from corrosion. We are providing quality cover blocks in select markets free of cost.

E. Toll Free Number Service

MHIPL operates a toll-free number 18002002552 to listen to its customers more efficiently.