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Maha SOLID is manufactured from specially prepared clinker of high C3S (Tricalcium Silicates) content and carefully selected high glass content GGBS.Owing to advanced technology of “separate grinding and blending”, Maha SOLID has high fineness and optimum slag and clinker content, which ensure excellent early strength and durability properties.


Fineness Low High
Ultimate Strength Normal High
Workability Normal Good
Lime Leaching High Low
Impermeability Low High
Resistance to Corrosion Low High
Resistance to Sulphates Low High
Thermal Cracking High Low
Durability Low High

5 advantages of Maha SOLID

Owing to its high fineness, Maha SOLID cement matures at all stages: 3, 7 and 28 days and beyond. The presence of superior superfine GGBS with high glass content contributes to its growing strength and durability.
With first-of-its kind “Separate Grinding and Blending” technology that is far ahead of the traditional combined grinding in the Ball Mill and a 2.5 MTPA state-of-the-art world-class manufacturing capacity grinding unit at Vizag,Maha SOLID is truly the expert’s choice. The best of breed 220 TPH high capacity Vertical Roller Mill from Loesche GmbH, Germany, ensures the finest particle size distribution – an essential characteristic of good slag cement. Furthermore, utmost care is taken at every step, like drying the slag by Hot Air Generator, blending by Stacker and Re-claimers, homogenization by Compressed Air Circulation in Silos, etc. This ensures that every bag of Maha SOLID cement delivered is of the highest standards.
Maha SOLID cement provides uniform strength owing to the superior quality control measures which are in place. Its unique, uniform strength disposition helps facilitate superior quality structural designing and execution.
The extra fineness of Maha SOLID cement makes possible a highly homogenous and workable concrete and mortar composition. The concrete in Maha SOLID does not segregate and ensures that it is free from common defects like honey combing etc. It is as fine as powder and renders high surface smoothness.
One of the most fundamental requisites of cement is durability. The concrete in coastal regions is subjected to various vagaries of harsh environment like heavy rain, humidity, heat and harmful chemicals like sulphates, chlorides, etc., which affect the durability of the building. Balanced chemical composition and reduced permeability ensure greater resistance from chlorides and sulphates, thus making Maha SOLID the most preferred cement in the region for coastal structures and foundations.

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